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Coloramica® is a trademark registered by BCF to promote and enhance the use of biscuit-fired ceramics in sectors other than those traditionally used today.

The project aims to select and develop the creative ideas of designers, students and entrepreneurs who wish to make use of the functional and technical characteristics of this innovative material.

Coloramica gathers ideas, suggestions and research activities to bring out, in the most creative and innovative way, all the expressive value and potential for beauty of biscuit-fired ceramics.


High technology material, Coloramica is a chemical material with addition of quarz and natural feldspar, linked by clay. The sophisticated design of this ceramic material is ideal for and intensive use, thanks to the resistance of this material.


A wide range of colors and shades, are made of precious materials.


The possibility to create personalized textures, linked to the sand surface of this material, bring a unique character to this accessory.